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Complete equippment for butcher's plant - capacity 1-2 t/day

  1. Half carcase store room:
    1. Hanging scale with printer for incoming half carcase;
    2. Rails in half carcase for 5-7 t half carcase (hanging).
  1. Dividing half carcase room:

1.Stainless steel dividing table - width 1.700 mm + PE boards on both sides, width 270 mm. The table length 4.000 mm;

    1. Dividing saw EFA;
    2. Stainless steel machine for dividing ribs from bacon;
    3. Stainless steel skinning machine Maja for dividing skin from speck;
    4. Stainless steel butcher's stool with PE plate;
    5. Stainless steel wash-basin with photocell and water heater + stainless steel knives sterelizer with thermoregulation + stainless steel hanging basket;
    6. Aluminium platform for containers;
    7. Stainless steel basket for wastes;
    8. 4 stainless steel trolly bath for meat cuts and stuffing transportation.
  1. Pickle room:
    1. 10 stainless steel pickle baths;
    2. Stainless steel injector;
    3. Stainless steel vacuum tumbler for ham and bacon, capacity 250 l;
    4. Stainless steel flake ice generator with thermos – Maja;
    5. Aluminium platform for containers.
  1. Production room:

I.                   Part for preparing row sausages –

    1. Stainless steel meat grinder Ø 160 mm + stainless steel haging sieves and knives stand;
    2. Stainless steel bowl cutter 60 l, 6 knives, 2 bowl speeds, 2 knives speeds + stainless steel spices and tools stand;
    3. Stuffing mixer with stainless steel chamber capacity 280 l;
    4. Stainless steel coloidal mill with engine 11 kW and 3.000 U/min.;
    5. Stainless steel hydraulic filling machine, piston capacity 45 l with dosing unit and complete of funnels + stainless steel hanging funnels stand;
    6. Stainless steel wasts basket;
    7. Stainless steel table with barriers (for collecting sausages) dimensions 2.000x1.000 mm
    8. Stainless steel processing table with barriers(for preparing smoked meat) dimensions 2.000x1.000 mm;
    9. Stainless steel machine for foil covering and netting hams and hams like products;
    10. Stainless steel wash-basin with photocell and water heating + stainless steel sterelizer with thermoregulation + hanging stainless steel basket.

II.                Part for preparing cooked products –

1.     Stainless steel frying pan with self discharging;

2.      Stainless steel gas kettle capacity 300 l, round in square cover and lid;

3.      Stainless steel production table with barriers – dimensions 2.000x1.000 mm;

4.      Hanging gas boiler in stainless steel cover;

5.      Stainless steel wash-basin with photocell + stainless steel wast basket;

6.      2 stainless steel dividing walls (straight and angular) + 2-chamber stainless steel basin for natural intestine rinsing.

III.             Part for drying, smoking, cooking and baking products –

1.      2 stainless steel smoking-cooking chambers, electrical, 1-trolly Fessman with computer steering;

2.      1 stainless steel smoking-cooking chamber, electrical, 1-trolly Nagema;

3.      Smoke generator Nagema for 3 above mentioned smoking-cooking chambers;

4.      Stainless steel oven for pies with thermocirculation, possible of steam input, 1-trolly + 1 stainless steel trolly;

5.      Separate station for meat, sausage cooling consisting of 2 stainless steel walls and self rotating shower;

6.     11 stainless steel trolleys for smoking chamber typeH - dimensions 1.000x1.000x2.000 mm, 8 shelfs;

7.  12 stainless steel shelfs, dimensions 1.000x1.000 mm for products to be baked horizontally, prepared for above mentioned trolleys type H;

8.      500 aluminium smoking bars length 1.000 mm (star shape);

9.      Aluminium trolley divided for 4 parts for storing smoking bars;

10. 20 stainless steel square forms, dimensions 100x100x500 mm for stuffing forming + crater adjust to square forms;

11.   30 different forms for ham;

12.   Stainless steel product stand.

E.     Cleaning room –

    1. Gas boiler for heating water in stainless steel cover;
    2. Stainless steel basin on wheels for container cleaning;
    3. Stainless steel dividing wall;
    4. Stainless steel hanger for aprons;
    5. Stainless steel trolley for disinfection liquid;
    6. Stainless steel boots washer.

F.      Packing products room –

    1. 2-chamber vacuum packing machine Webomatic;
    2. Water packed product shrinking machine Webomatic;
    3. Stainless steel table;
    4. Weighing and labelling machine.

Besides there are plastic palettes, spices and other stuff stands, spice containers, etc.

The tumbler, meat grinder, cutter, gas kettle, ham applicator, ice generator, boots washer and water packed product shrinking machine are after reconditioning and the rest of the machines are ready to work.

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