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Production line for thickening fruit juice

The line was manufactured in 1985 and modernized in 1996. It was extra equipped in superultrafiltration. The line was rarely operated.
The last time it was oparated in 2005 for 1 week time.

The line capacity 150-220 tons of apples per 24 hours.

The line consists of:

 1. 3 pcs. of bucket conveyors (carbon steel);

2. crumbling mill "Central 5" with pump NE-80, capacity 6-20 t/h;

3. 4 pcs. of stainless steel tanks for pulp, capacity 12,000 l;

4. 3 pcs. of screw pumps for pulp (they can be seen in the above pictures);
5. "BUCHER" type HP-5000 press, capacity 6 t/h;

6. 6 depectization tanks with mixing units, staineless steel, capacity 12,000 l;

7. pressure filter "PADOWAN" Ecofiltr 10, capacity 1,200-1,500 l/m²/h juice extract 15 Bx;

8. superultrafiltration "UNIPEKTIN", capacity 9,500 l/h juice extract 15 Bx;

9. dearomatization station "UNIPEKTIN", capacity 46 l/h of 200-times flavour;

10. distilation (evaporation) plant "UNIPEKTIN" type AVF 804 S, 4-divisions, capacity 8,000 l evaporated water per hour;

11. water fan cooler;
12. assistin water fan coolers;
13. 9 pcs. of stainless steel buffer tanks - capacity 5,000 l;

Technically in very good condition.

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