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Pate in tins/cans production line

1. Steam kettles with baskets for raw material cooking - capacity 600 l. Wykonanie nierdzewne z aluminiowymi pokrywami. – 6 pcs.
They are set in the row; Loading and unloading of baskets with  telpher + 2 additional baskets and telpher.
The kettles need steam supply under reduced pressure of 0,2 MPa (2 Atm.).
The whole system efficiency about 2 t/h of cooked row material.

2. Meat grinder for preparatory crumbling - diameter 160 mm – 2 pcs.
Made of stainless steel.
3. Meat wagons unloader – 2 pcs. for above mentioned meat grinders.
Carbon steel construction with rustproof surface. Unloading arm and casing made of stainless steel.

4. For raw material transportation (between kettles, meat grinders, cutter and dosing machines) there will be necessery about 30 pcs. of meat wagons – made of stainless steel.

5. MKL-362 cutter, 8 knives, stainless steel.

6. Empty containers washing machine (cans, jars, etc.) - completely made of stainless steel – warm water supply from the water system – 2 pcs.

7. Pate batchers – painted construction, parts being in touch with the raw material made of stainless steel („Hema”) – 2 pcs.

8. Meat wagons unloader – 2 pcs. for above mentioned pate batchers. – 2 pcs.

9. Can closing machines ZA-66, made of painted carbon steel – for cans diameter 99 mm or 73 mm – 2 pcs.

10. Full and closed containers washing machine - with pump making closed circle of water and possibility of warming it up - made of stainless steel – 2 pcs.

11. Plate conveyors - 4 pcs. and tables - 2 pcs. Made of stainless steel.

12. Autoclave WAA 11 or WAA 22 – 2 pcs. with fully automatic steering and process registration.

13. 48 baskets for autoclaves - made of zink carbon steel.

14. After autoclaves washing machine with pump, possibility of water warming up and drier after washing - completely stainless steel.
For proper working the water, steam and compressed air are needed.

15. Labeling machine.

16. Packets shrinking machine (manual forming of cans packets) - completely made of stainless steel.

Above described line capacity - about 2 t/h.

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